SCUBA related events – the only good reason to wake up at 5:30am

I am NOT by any stretch a morning person. As such it pains me greatly to wake up at 5:30 am. I’m headed down to Huron, OH for Shipwreck & SCUBA.

This is the first time I’ve gone to this event and am looking forward to making new contacts.
For a little more background on me I’ve only been diving 18months and am always looking for new dive buddies in the area.

For anyone else attending I have created a Burner number so I can be reached during the event. This works for only 20 minutes of talk time and 60 text messages so if you want to get in touch, please be brief.

My burn number is: (248) 468-1612 [edit: burner number burned]

I have never used this system before so I’ll be testing it out as well.
Edit:  That number seems to work fine for sending and like junk for receiving.

Star Citizen

This isn’t SCUBA related but I really like this project and would like to see it well funded.

There are 11 days left of crowd funding for Star Citizen.  They are funded and the project is being undertaken by veterans of the gaming industry.  The more they get pledged the more features will be available at launch.  To sweeten the pot they are now running a contest for recruiting other supporters.  So if this sounds like a game for you please use my recruiter link and earn both of us a chance at some cool prizes as well as hoping to make what looks to be a great game even better. [edit: dead link]

Initial Test Plans

My approach to testing.

This is my current plan for the REC version of the SCUBA Capsule.  This is influenced buy my current dive computer a Suunto D4, the fact that I’m in Michigan, and that I should be getting my hands on this Fall and its already a bit chilly considering I do not yet own a dry suit.  In general I will just be looking to compare the information between both computers on a dive.  I will be using the same table when I test the PRO version later.  I’m only listing things that might be tricky to test or that I really want to check out.

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SCBT program membership

This is one of the main reasons I started this blog.  This is the Scuba Capsule that is being developed by Utmost Tech

I have been keeping an eye on this project for a while now and finally decided to commit and joined the beta testing for $500.  No ETA on shipping yet but I can’t wait.  The only major drawback is that it gets a bit chilly to dive in Michigan over the winter.  I guess that means its time to do some river and ice diving.  I will be making some posts about my thoughts of the listed features and how I plan on testing them.