New site, new home, & out of the Guard

Moving my blog site, buying a house, and closing out the Military chapter of my life. Making big plans to get back into SCUBA.

Just putting up a real quick note just to get things rolling and verify my account is all properly set up.

So I’m 80% of the way through getting this new blog set up and looking the way I want. I need to do a lot of work on the photos section. My SCUBA blog was previously at That will probably stay up a few more weeks until I make sure that everything is looking good and then will have a single redirect page.

I’m finally moving from being a renter to a home owner. Some time next week I should be closing on my first ever house. Very exciting, very scary. And once I close there is a lot of time that will go into doing some electrical upgrades and installing networking etc.

I’m also now officially retired from the Michigan Army National Guard. I had been burning out on that for some time and I am fully embracing the beard. Still undecided on what to do with my hair. This should mean more free time but work is going to be crazy into the fall.

Next year will be my return to SCUBA. I think I’m going to try and do some refresher training this fall, the PADI ReActivate will probably be a real no-brainer but it will make the new dive shop I’m going to (old primary shop closed) and make them more comfortable when I try and get Deep and Wreck certified next year. My gear has been unused and well stored since last service so I’m comfortable just doing the tank vis. I’ll probably only vis 1 tank and get the rest done in the winter to have them all ready for a full dive season.