New Gear, New Start

So at the start of this year the plan was to get back in to SCUBA diving. Then COVID-19 shut everything down. I decided a few weeks ago to no longer let that be a stopper.

I decided to upgrade my BCD to the Aqua Lung Dimension to support my local(ish) dive shop and move over to back inflate. My old dive shop closed down while I was away from the sport.

I need to get a dive medical if I want to take any classes. Classes also appear to be a little challenging to do while maintaining social-distancing. I had someone talked into getting certified so I could have a go to dive buddy. That will be an on going project.

I’ve also started thinking about where I want to go with diving and ended up starting on a Leisure Pro Wish List. I’ll be buying most of it locally but this is a good way to track things.

There is a group in the area that dives in a small lake once a week that it probably a good place for me to work with weight & trim.

Looking forward to logging some more dives after several years off.